Story of Employer Mrs. Lai / Agency is the Source of Trouble

Ms Lai (not real name) was very distressed and repeatedly called me in the end of January 2010, to ask help because her former Indonesian domestic helper who had voluntarily resigned, was pursuing a legal claim against her for payments that she had made but which the helper claimed that she had not. Ms Lai […]


黎小姐(化名)感到非常困擾,她在2010年1月尾多次來電求助。一名她曾經聘請,而已自願離職的印傭正在控告她欠薪,雖然黎小姐表示已付清款項。 黎小姐的女傭是由AGENCY介紹的。她當時急需家務幫手,代理向她介紹一名聲稱合約已完成,不用離境而可即時上班的女傭。但當完成聘用,並付清中介費用後,她只工作了一星期。代理致電並說女傭需要辦理手續,要「暫時離開香港一下」──到中國大陸去。黎小姐問需時多久,代理說只需一到兩個星期。事實上為了辦理簽証,她得留在大陸一整個月。

Domestic workers in Hong Kong sleeping in ‘coffin beds’, on kitchen floors – Mingpao special report, 4 July

1. Inhumane accommodation in kitchen, toilets and washing machines rampant, foreign domestic workers in coffin beds Special Report by Mingpao Reporter Yuen Pak Yan, 4 July 2012 ( The artist Purple Lee (also called Sister Purple) who has been known as the Queen of Children’s Songs, custom designed a ‘toilet bed’ for her domestic worker […]