Open Door Cultural Walk with visit to Indonesian Consulate

Open Door Cultural Walk


March 25, 2018


On Sunday, March 25, Open Door guided a group of students from the writing class of Professor Chris Patterson, Baptist University to meet with members of the Indonesian domestic worker community in Causeway Bay.

Thanks to the Indonesian Consulate and the volunteers of Open Door, we met inside the library on an upper floor of the Indonesian Consulate in Causeway Bay.

There we heard from writers including Ocuz Wina and Susana Nisa about their literary activities, writers groups such as Forum Lingkar Pena, and writing competitions. Outlets for news and stories include Apa Kabar, Suara, and Berita Indonesia. We were also greeted by Yuni Suryati, the Consul of Information and Socio-cultural Affairs.

Participants engaged in group discussions to learn more from the Indonesian migrant workers about their lives – such as how they cope with sudden job terminations, or find spaces to congregate on their days off.

The group then went to Victoria Park, and domestic worker leader Muthi from the Muslim Indonesian group LIPMI updated us about recent issues of their concern. Excessive working hours and poor accommodation were some of their main concerns.



More than 370,000 migrant workers from Indonesia, Philippines and other countries are living in this city with us. Instead of flying on a plane to experience other cultures, join us on the next cultural exchange with migrant domestic workers!



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