Selma – a movie with a message for Hong Kong?

Selma is a movie about US civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King, at the height of struggle for equal rights for African-Americans, in the 1960s.

In Hong Kong, we seem to have less racial conflicts, yet there are deep divisions and inequalities among groups in society – and migrant domestic workers are one example of an excluded group.

Let’s watch the movie together and reflect together on rights and equality in Hong Kong.

Please buy a ticket for the 5:40 pm movie (or you can contact me or others… buy in groups), and join us afterwards for discussion over a simple self-paying dinner nearby.

Domestic worker friends: we specially hope you will join as well. Please contact us if you are a writer and willing to write a reflection about the movie and our discussion within a week; we can help share the ticket cost for around 5 writers.

It is possible to buy tickets online here:

Hope you’ll join us!

FB event:

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