Doris Lee at AMCB rally

Open Door statement on migrant domestic worker wage review

Since 2009, our group has been of the opinion that Hong Kong should be a fair place to work for all workers who are contributing to the economy, including live-in domestic workers. In 2009, we agreed with the proposal of domestic worker organizations like AMCB which rejected excluding domestic workers from the statutory minimum wage. […]

Father Dwight at UNIFIL HK rally

UNIFIL-HK Celebrates Thirty Years of Advocacy

United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-HK) celebrated its 30th anniversary this past Sunday with a march, an ecumenical service and a variety show. The festivities marked an important date in the history of one of Hong Kong’s earliest and most important domestic worker advocacy groups. At 11 a.m. a group of domestic workers carrying placards […]

Photo credit:  Nica Cadingan Tabao-ican



中環的另一風貌 與 空間共融

中環的另一風貌 與 空間共融





Chatting and snacking with leaders of FDWs

Open Door and MFMW tour of Central provides in-depth experience of migrant community

Since the 1980s, countless hundreds and even thousands of Filipina domestic workers have gathered every Sunday to picnic in the parks, sidewalks and streets of Central, Hong Kong – a modern phenomenon perhaps not seen in any other city in the world. They sprawl across cardboard mats purchased at dawn for five dollars; have their […]

Post-service dinner at New Life Fellowship

The New Life Fellowship Church – for Filipinos, a home away from home

In Shek Tong Tsui, the New Life Fellowship Church is as much a centre of worship as it is a thriving community centre. Amid lively events from Wednesday to Sunday, 600-700 attendees and 450-500 bonafide supporters – 99% of whom are domestic workers from the Philippines – remember and celebrate life back home. That has […]

Kartika Solidarity Dinner

Solidarity dinner for Kartika

Kartika Puspitasari’s supporters met on Saturday to show solidarity with the former domestic worker, who is still fighting for compensation nearly three years after her abusers were jailed. Campaigners and concerned members of the public squeezed into the Bethune House Refuge where she was being sheltered, offering food and words of comfort as her civil […]

Migrant domestic workers speak out

Migrant domestic workers talk about their hopes for the future in a collection of interviews by University of Science and Technology students. Working in cooperation with Open Door and Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW), the students are investigating how these workers are being mistreated on a daily basis. Their interviews uncovered issues ranging from poor […]

Hundreds of migrant domestic workers peacefully march to Admiralty

Domestic workers form main contingent of HKCTU-led protest

Hundreds of migrant domestic workers peacefully marched from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices in Admiralty on Friday, demanding the government take action on a range of issues, primarily a minimum wage of HK$4,110 which has lagged behind inflation. “We are now a federation which includes every organisation here,” said Phobsuk Gasing, chairperson of […]