Erwiana被虐 兩地政府同樣有責



6月1日,我們參加了由Her Story她們的中環所舉辦的菲傭週日生活團。想不到中環有這樣的一面,每一事每一物都讓我感覺新奇。 首先我們到環球廣場地下,看見菲傭互相幫忙,把日用品、食物、電器等都塞到紙皮箱去,準備寄回家鄉。因為運費不是依重量計算,而是依箱的數量,故所有完成包裹頂都呈拱形,都被塞得滿滿的。我們好奇,為什麼她們把菲律賓同樣有售的物品寄回?答案各有不同,有的說品質有差別,香港的夠好、有的則擔心家人會胡亂花錢,尤其怕丈夫花錢包二奶、有的則希望家人能夠了解她們在香港生活是用什麼吃什麼。


香港的外地傭工佔了本地勞動人口的十分之一,她們對社會的貢獻真的不能被忽視。 6月16日(星期一)是國際家務工日,這是一個很好的機會去多謝她們一直以來對香港家庭的付出。 歡迎學校、教會、團體和市民,向我們分享你們對慶祝國際家務工日的想法。希望大家能夠以行動表示支持,把謝意傳達到香港每一個家傭!

國際家務工日 6.16

香港的外地傭工佔了本地勞動人口的十分之一,她們對社會的貢獻真的不能被忽視。 6月16日(星期一)是國際家務工日,這是一個很好的機會去多謝她們一直以來對香港家庭的付出。 歡迎學校、教會、團體和市民,向我們分享你們對慶祝國際家務工日的想法。希望大家能夠以行動表示支持,把謝意傳達到香港每一個家傭!

2012 June 16 – International Domestic Workers’ Day

Hong Kong is one of the major destination countries of migrant domestic workers in Asia. But have you heard of June 16 – International Domestic Workers’ Day? Let us take this day as a chance to appreciate domestic workers’ contributions to our families and to Hong Kong society! Share with us your ideas for a gesture […]

印尼女子疑游說受虐印傭銷案 案件8月開審

職工盟今早聯同亞洲移居人士聯盟、國際移民聯盟和香港亞洲家務工工會聯會,在沙田裁判法院前進行示威。 早前中大副院長因虐待印傭被捕,但因證據不足,撒消調查及指控。後來發現被告在候審期間,中介公司一名女職員涉嫌以十萬元賄賂印傭,要求她銷案,妨礙司法公正。


今年度的「亞洲主日」將定於6月15日,主題為「你顧念她們嗎﹖」,將為在香港打工的亞洲外籍傭工禱告,記念她們的處境。 「亞洲主日」的設立起源於亞洲基督教議會在一九七四年有所倡議,定於每年的聖靈降臨節中,為亞洲的社群和教會禱告,祝願亞洲各國各族彼此尊重,互相合作,締造和平。

Alleged assault victim Erwiana ‘was not paid or given time off’, court hears

SCMP reports on the court hearing of Erwiana: “Indonesian maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih was not paid any wages during her seven months’ employment and was not granted 16 days of holidays she was due, the Kwun Tong court heard today. Details of additional charges against her former employer, Law Wan-tung, 44, were disclosed in court today […]

PRESS RELEASE: “Shocking” Actions by HK Authorities a “Conflict of Interests” – Lawyer

Opinion of Robert Tibbo, Hong Kong barrister-at-law: With regards to reports that Erwiana was threatened with deportation and separated from her lawyer, father and friends, Mr Tibbo stated that the actions “amounted to nothing less than state oppression to compel Erwiana to comply with their demands”.

Open Door in Tuen Mun before Chinese New Year (24 Jan 2014)

Uncle Hung, storyteller, and Doris Lee, housewife, went to Tuen Mun Town Centre, an area with many Indonesian domestic workers, to tell residents about Erwiana’s case and urge them to care about domestic workers around them, and to think as citizens, how we can make sure that terrible abuses like Erwiana suffered, can not happen […]