Kartika Solidarity Dinner

Solidarity dinner for Kartika

Kartika Puspitasari’s supporters met on Saturday to show solidarity with the former domestic worker, who is still fighting for compensation nearly three years after her abusers were jailed. Campaigners and concerned members of the public squeezed into the Bethune House Refuge where she was being sheltered, offering food and words of comfort as her civil […]

Migrant domestic workers speak out

Migrant domestic workers talk about their hopes for the future in a collection of interviews by University of Science and Technology students. Working in cooperation with Open Door and Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW), the students are investigating how these workers are being mistreated on a daily basis. Their interviews uncovered issues ranging from poor […]

Hundreds of migrant domestic workers peacefully march to Admiralty

Domestic workers form main contingent of HKCTU-led protest

Hundreds of migrant domestic workers peacefully marched from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices in Admiralty on Friday, demanding the government take action on a range of issues, primarily a minimum wage of HK$4,110 which has lagged behind inflation. “We are now a federation which includes every organisation here,” said Phobsuk Gasing, chairperson of […]

Roundtable draws up next steps for FDW rights

One of the most significant efforts to explore how foreign domestic workers’ (FDWs) rights can be respected under the law took place on Saturday. Nearly 100 non-profit and NGO chairs and leaders, general consuls and their representatives, lawmakers and professors, met at the University of Hong Kong as part of a Roundtable on Domestic Workers. […]

(SCMP) Protesters demand Regina Ip apologise for comments about Filipino maids

Open Door joined several Hong Kong protest groups to demand an apology from Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, after she cited complaints from expats about Filipino domestic workers seducing their husbands. Doris Lee, Open Door’s chairwoman, said her comments promoted hatred against maids and she must apologise. http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/1774282/protesters-demand-regina-ip-apologise-comments-about  

Selma – a movie with a message for Hong Kong?

Selma is a movie about US civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King, at the height of struggle for equal rights for African-Americans, in the 1960s. In Hong Kong, we seem to have less racial conflicts, yet there are deep divisions and inequalities among groups in society – and migrant domestic workers are one example […]

Selma 《馬丁路德金 – 夢想之路》 – 香港人你有共鳴嗎?

大家睇左 Selma 《馬丁路德金-夢想之路》 未呀? 仲未睇嘅朋友,今個禮拜日就同我地一齊,睇完仲可以一齊傾下 ! 今個禮拜日,家。傭同行Open Door會去到百老匯電影中心一起睇5.40pm場嘅Selma,睇完會一齊去附近餐廳一路食飯一路傾下,大家有乜體會。香港雖然無話好似當年美國咁嚴重嘅種族問題,但移民家庭工往往有如二等公民,制度上同社會上都受到歧視。我地希望籍住呢個機會,帶起大家反思同討論有關議題。有興趣嘅朋友,請同我地講聲,然後自行買飛啦 記住係星期日5號,百老匯電影中心(油痲地果間),下午5.40分場! 我地亦邀請左有興趣參與討論嘅外傭姐姐啊 如果你識得會有興趣寫一篇有關在港外傭嘅文章嘅姐姐,叫佢地聯絡我地啦!我地準備左五張飛送俾寫得最好最好嘅幾位! 入呢度買飛啦 http://www.cinema.com.hk/revamp/html/cinema_every.php?lang=e&cinema_id=10 FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/853050528089717/

Former Hong Kong employer of ‘tortured’ maid denies charges in court

Justice delayed is justice denied. We hope the courts can bring justice to abused domestic worker Erwiana as soon as possible. The shamelessness of the employer Law Wan-tung in denying all charges of abuse is breathtaking, given the extent of injuries, starvation and mistreatment discovered in Erwiana at the time her case was first reported. […]

Erwiana被虐 兩地政府同樣有責



6月1日,我們參加了由Her Story她們的中環所舉辦的菲傭週日生活團。想不到中環有這樣的一面,每一事每一物都讓我感覺新奇。 首先我們到環球廣場地下,看見菲傭互相幫忙,把日用品、食物、電器等都塞到紙皮箱去,準備寄回家鄉。因為運費不是依重量計算,而是依箱的數量,故所有完成包裹頂都呈拱形,都被塞得滿滿的。我們好奇,為什麼她們把菲律賓同樣有售的物品寄回?答案各有不同,有的說品質有差別,香港的夠好、有的則擔心家人會胡亂花錢,尤其怕丈夫花錢包二奶、有的則希望家人能夠了解她們在香港生活是用什麼吃什麼。