Former Hong Kong employer of ‘tortured’ maid denies charges in court

Justice delayed is justice denied. We hope the courts can bring justice to abused domestic worker Erwiana as soon as possible. The shamelessness of the employer Law Wan-tung in denying all charges of abuse is breathtaking, given the extent of injuries, starvation and mistreatment discovered in Erwiana at the time her case was first reported. […]

Erwiana被虐 兩地政府同樣有責


Alleged assault victim Erwiana ‘was not paid or given time off’, court hears

SCMP reports on the court hearing of Erwiana: “Indonesian maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih was not paid any wages during her seven months’ employment and was not granted 16 days of holidays she was due, the Kwun Tong court heard today. Details of additional charges against her former employer, Law Wan-tung, 44, were disclosed in court today […]

PRESS RELEASE: “Shocking” Actions by HK Authorities a “Conflict of Interests” – Lawyer

Opinion of Robert Tibbo, Hong Kong barrister-at-law: With regards to reports that Erwiana was threatened with deportation and separated from her lawyer, father and friends, Mr Tibbo stated that the actions “amounted to nothing less than state oppression to compel Erwiana to comply with their demands”.

Statement of Hong Kong Organizations and Individuals to Request an End to Ban on Workers Living Outside Employers’ Homes

TVB recently reported that Immigration raided the village of Nim Shue Wan in Discovery Bay, checking the documents of the domestic workers living there and arresting six Filipina domestic workers. (1) We strongly believe that banning live-out helps no one in Hong Kong at all. Migrant domestic worker organizations such as Mission for Migrant Workers […]

Outdated attitudes about working women persist

CELEBRATION OF WOMEN Jennifer Ngo Oct 14, 2011 Hong Kong may boast of being a modern world city with liberal and open views, but a recent survey suggests it is still highly traditional when it comes to women’s rights – especially in the workplace. According to the Women’s Commission poll, over half of 3,000 respondents […]

Domestic workers in Hong Kong sleeping in ‘coffin beds’, on kitchen floors – Mingpao special report, 4 July

1. Inhumane accommodation in kitchen, toilets and washing machines rampant, foreign domestic workers in coffin beds Special Report by Mingpao Reporter Yuen Pak Yan, 4 July 2012 ( The artist Purple Lee (also called Sister Purple) who has been known as the Queen of Children’s Songs, custom designed a ‘toilet bed’ for her domestic worker […]